Our History

Dalcq is a Belgian company, active in household appliances for almost 50 years. Our brands are part of the daily life of many households and are passed on from generation to generation.

In the beginning of the 70ies, its founder launched the brand Frifri in Belgium by offering the first cool zone fryers to consumers. The brands Frifri and Dejelin arose and were developed from innovations and patents, acquisitions and creations of products.

Frifri offers high-end fryers, the only ones manufactured in Belgium, semi-professional waffle makers developed in Belgium, a chocolate maker developed and manufactured in Belgium and many other quality appliances.

Dejelin offers a professional steam cooker for consumers developed and manufactured in Belgium, dehydrators or high-quality juice extractors at reasonable pricing.

Since 2012, Dalcq decided to expand its range with a second activity: the distribution of international high-quality brands in small household appliances, which allows them to meet all the needs of the customers !

This is why, Beurer, Bissell, Boneco, Omega, Riviera&Bar, Vitamix… were added to the range.