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Founded in 2013, Dejelin is the Belgian brand of reference when it comes to steam cooking, thanks to its professional qualitative steam cooker which made its fame. Over time, this brand developed by adding high-quality appliances, specialised in culinary well-being and affordable to most. For instance, 2 types of dehydrators were developed, with a performance comparable to the most prestige brands in the field.  Eating healthy was never so pleasant as with Dejelin!

NutriSteam, the essential of steam cooking

The NutriSteam is the perfect model to indulge in the joys of health cooking, combining different types of cooking, such as steam cooking, stewing, through immersion (pasta, mussels), fermentation (yogurt…), conservation, heating up and keeping warm and defrosting. It’s the favourite of our partners, fond of raw cooking, and of our clients: from the cooking enthusiasts to those who lack time. It is an extremely versatile appliance, very easy to use which will please the palates with its healthy and delicious preparations.  

NutriDry, dehydrate in all simplicity

The NutriDry appliances provide advantages of a simple, efficient dehydration with respect of the food thanks to the development of an advanced technology. The NutriDry ND500 is a compact and innovative dehydrator, that allows you to efficiently dehydrate on 5 levels. The plates are removable, which allows you to transform the dehydrator in yoghurt maker. On the other hand, the NutriDry ND900 is among the biggest of the market, with standard 9 plates and possibility to expand up to 12 plates. With a digital thermostat and the latest smart drying technology system this dehydrator provides an automatic sequential drying in 2 times / 2 temperatures.   


NutriSoup, the must-have appliance for simplicity lovers

NutriSoup is The soup’maker to simplify the life of the households while filling up on vitamins. Broth, mixed or chunky soup, but not only that! Thanks to this appliance you can easily make porridge, cold vegetable milk, smoothies, compotes… just pick the right program!     


The innovation of the household appliances at the service of culinary tradition.

Reliability, simplicity and design: this is what Frifri has been offering for more than 60 years. Used by multiple generations, the Frifri appliances are designed for every day cooking as well as special occasions.


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