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Belgian company founded in 1958, leader in fryers and waffle irons. Mainly specialized in products linked to Belgium: French fries, waffles and chocolate but also active on other specific segments: ice cream makers; fondues; grills; etc..

Fryers   Waffle irons

Reference Belgian brand in the steam cookers sector, which has made its fame. The company is continuing its development in "health" electro.



Iconic American brand founded in 1937 in Ohio. Nr.1 in the blender segment in the United States far ahead of all its competitors. Often copied, never equaled. The texture of a Vitamix preparation has no equal in the world.

Blender Vitamix

American brand based in Sacramento since 1973. The absolute reference in the world in terms of dehydrator with these two unique technologies: Hyperwave™ Fluctuation Technology & Parallexx® Horizontal Airflow.


Iconic American brand founded in 1985 by Robert Leo. Number 1 in the juice extractors segment in the United States. With an extra-long warranty, Omega products are highly.

Juice extractors

Unanimously recognized by professionals as the TOP of the ice cream maker. Italian company, mainly active in the professional sector but also offers some domestic models of exceptional quality. Its latest innovation: The Automatica NxT1 is a marvel.

Ice turbines

100% subsidiary of the De Longhi Group, Ariete favors "Value for Money" or quality products at an affordable price. Ariete has an extremely wide range of products and is renowned from the steam products (steam cleaners, coffee maker, iron, etc).

Steam cleaners, ...

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